My photo
these are mostly hand held shots of places i've been to as a park ranger or personal travels. email any inquiries.

Little Wild Horse Canyon

Little Wild Horse Canyon

moenkopi trail

iso100 98mm f/11 1/200sec 

turtlehead peak

iso100 116mm f/11 1/200sec 


iso200 85mm f/11 1/320sec 

a bristlecone trail

iso200 48mm f/11 1/250sec 

white rock

iso100 70mm f/8 1/320sec 

arnight trail

iso100 24mm f/8 1/250sec 

pine creek canyon

iso200 35mm f/8 1/250sec 

sawmill trailhead

iso200 35mm f/8 1/200sec 

mojave desert

iso200 50mm f/8 1/800sec  

oak creek

iso200 50mm f/11 1/400sec 

ash meadows visitor center

iso200 24mm f/11 1/100sec